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Uhhh.. what’s up with your hair?

Depending on which way you look at it, some of these haircuts/styles could be….. cool.

The volcanic look
Someone’s been watching too much Spongebob (Squilliam Fancyson III anyone? or am I the only one who watches Spongebob?)
For some reason I want to rip her head open and find those cookies.
If Andrew Dice Clay had more hair I’m thinking he would have done this look.
I want to braid this.
Even he doesn’t approve of this.
This one adds a little mystery. Hair in the face always does.
Channelling some Will Smith and Billy Ray Cyrus with this one. And he took it one step further.
I have no idea.
I like the pink.
Everything is so tight and delicate. Even the eyebrows. How could anyone fault this?
This is not a good way to imitate Jesus. Thorns are needed. Not carpet.
The lamp look. Is the light in her mouth?
I swear this is my Nana’s haircut. No joke.
Will this just absorb the rain?